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How we mess up as a friend


Some of you guys might not like me after I say what is on my mind, but I gotta say it.

Do not be that hating friend, when your friend gets a man and you don't have one especially if they are in a healthy good relationship.

I recognize with women including myself because we've all been that hating friend I as well, that's why I can speak about it.

Sometimes, we don't know how to be happy for somebody and it sucks because it's something that we've adopted into our nature unknowingly.

I wanted to come on here and encourage you not to be the hater. Do not be the hating friend, that can't be happy for somebody else in whatever season that they're in. Whether it's with their dreams or their job, whatever it maybe don't be the hating friend because at the end of the day we all need our girlfriends to be supportive.

I love that I have friends that have been with me for years and I'm even thankful for the friends that I have that were seasonal.

If you are single and your friend is dating be supportive, pray for her, encourage her. Don't be all nosy and in her business. If she shares something let her share, you don't have to add your two cents to it, just be a good friend. Sometimes being a good friend means being a good listener, you know! It means not judging, you not always having something to say.

So that's what I got for you guys, when your friend is dating OR whether you're the friend that is dating. If you're dating someone don't brag, don't be boastful because if you guys don't work out.

Guess who's gonna be there still when it is all said and done. Your friends, hopefully if they're really good friends, and they'll still be there.

Make sure you have balance. I said in my last video to make sure you make time for not only yourself, Jesus, your friends, your family, your dreams, your job, and whatever else.

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