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Silk Press

Hello Beautiful People - Today, I will show you guys how I silk press natural hair or to others how to flat iron natural hair. Straightening natural hair is a lot easier than most people think.

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When you straighten natural hair, I highly recommend starting with a clean fresh head of hair. A MAJOR KEY to a silky, silk press at home is washing your hair and removing all product buildup.


To all my girls who are here to silk press natural hair 4c curls, this is extremely important. As a licensed cosmetologist, the majority of my clients were 4c natural hair beauties and the one thing they would always tell me is that they HATED wash day. I can understand why because they always had such full, beautiful, thick hair. So to all my natural hair beauties remember what I am telling you in this description box, in order to achieve a flawless silk press on natural hair especially 3a hair, 3b hair, 3c hair, 4a hair, 4b hair, and 4c hair you need to scrub your scalp and wash your hair!

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The next most important tip I would love to share with you on how to do a silk press on thick natural hair is BLOW DRYING your hair! There are tons of "how to do a silk press", "the best silk press" tutorials. Each and every "how to flat iron natural hair" says it the BLOW DRY is super important and it is true!!! Do not be lazy like me lol Put your all into this step it saves you from multiple passes and allows for your comb to move seamlessly without snagging your ends.


While you are on your natural hair journey you will see tons of different heat styling tools being recommended by your favorite beauty influencers as they share their own how to press natural hair / silk press tutorial on how to do a silk press. My best tip for this is to be open but also commit. In my many years of silk pressing natural hair I have used many different flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons. They all worked amazingly, but over time you want to try new tools out especially as a stylist. If you try something and it works KEEP IT & USE IT. I will list a few of my favorite tools below for when you do your own silk press at home or in the salon.

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Whenever you silk press your hair, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND trimming and getting rid of any split ends, fair knots, or uneven lengths, especially at the base. NO, I am not saying get rid of layers. I am saying trim the broken end off so your hair can be full and healthy. In this video, not only do I show you how to silk press your hair but I also show you how to trim your natural hair. Most people who do this at home find it easier to trim/cut straightened, pressed hair because it's easier to work with. I say it's all up to you and your preference. BUT all in all, trim your natural hair so you can experience hair growth.


(That's a story for another day - If you want to grow natural hair fast LMK in the comment of my youtube video)





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