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Influencer Safe Space

hello there beautiful people...

Why I believe you are here:

You're looking for a community that will encourage you as you inspire the world.


This group is created for the person (or team of people) who solve problems and answer questions while inspiring people through social media, whether its videos, photos, blogs, etc.

Vision & Purpose:

Knowing your why will be the fuel behind why you do what only you can do YOUR way.

Accountability & Growth:

I believe in surrounding yourself with people like-minded individuals, this is a space where you can always feel inspired and refreshed! We understand what you may be going through as a content creator who influences the world with purpose.

We all need to be held accountable. I mean think about it you are out here encouraging and teaching the world!

So as you pour out we will be here for you as well as each other, to refill cups by inspiring one another.


You bring the self-discipline and we will hold you accountable when you slip up or feel unmotivated. We all have something to bring to the table. No comparison, just positive insightful love that fuels growth. Welcome, there is a seat prepared for you.

Sharing ideas is a bonus cause through calculated trials we all get to learn what works for different content to produce authentic engagement with our unique fresh and different perspectives. We are all special and all unique, similar yet different isn't that bomb! 

But real talk... 

If you are only looking to gain and not give this is not a group for you. Sorry, we believe in each other and we put in the work while supporting one another. Inactive & rude members will be removed. Self gloating is not allowed. Period.

I say this with love, this is not a vent space or emotional dumping ground. 

Yes, it is a safe space for influencers to share what is going, but this is NOT a space to release your life troubles.

We are not qualified to take on that weight. I kindly recommend you find a counselor or therapist that can best help you.

My Likkle Rules:


As we grow together, you respect one another.

As influencers, no as people we are constantly judging and being judged. I ask you to leave all of that at the door.

Respect is a must. Treat others how you want to be treated. 


We follow each other.

If someone posts SUPPORT THAT POST. Period.

Let us know when you post cause we can miss it!

Call us out if we don't support the post after 72 Hours-ish lol rt

We may not share it to our stories (thas our business)

BUT a like, commentsave goes a long way! #EngagementBaby

If this sound like a place for you, sign up to be added :)

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