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Join me and a group of other married ladies as we connect in a safe space and cover our husbands and families in prayer while learning from one another.
There will also be group date nights with our husbands :)

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Online Schedule



February 27 - Introduction 
March 6  - Expectations Be Hard 
March 13 - Communication Be Hard 
March 20 - Sex Be Hard 
March 27 - Jealousy Be Hard 

April 3 - Marital Roles Be Hard 
April 10 - Fidelity Be Hard 

April 17 - Fighting Be Hard 
April 24 -Parenting Be Hard 
May 1 - Quarantine Be Hard 
May 8 - Divorce Be Hard 
May 15 - Self-Worth Be Hard 
May 22 - Lessons 
May 29 - In Person Date Night

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In Marriage Be Hard, the authors provide a hilarious and fresh master class on what it takes to build and maintain a lasting relationship. Drawing on interviews with experts and nearly two decades of marriage, they argue that

• Compatibility is overrated.
• Communication is about way more than simply talking.
• Seeing divorce as an option can actually help your marriage.
• There’s such a thing as healthy jealousy.

Real marriage is not automatic. It ain’t no Tesla on the open road. Sometimes it’s a stick shift on a hill in the rain with no windshield wipers. But if you get comfortable visiting—and revisiting—the topics that matter, it can transform your bond with your partner and the life you’re building together.

Written for those tired of unrealistic relationship books—and for anyone wondering if they’re the only ones breaking all the rules—Marriage Be Hard is a breath of fresh air and the manual you wish existed after you said “I do.”



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