Meet Your Internet Hype Woman

Hello, There Beautiful People!

My name is Angel Ann Lyte, think of me as your new friend here to cheer you on as you live out your purpose here in this cyber world! Let's chat and share as we build each other up! I enjoy sharing different parts of my life with you because you never know how it can inspire or encourage someone. 


One thing I absolutely love to do is help people OWN who they are called to BE! If you know who you are but need a little nudge in how to show the world, hit me up I have some services that I believe will help you bring your vision for you and your brand alive!

"Be love and you will receive love."


phil 4:13 | matt 6:33 | prov 3 | psalm 119:130



I help women become the best version of themselves

in all areas of their life, internally and externally.

Yes my name is Angel

Guyanese & Trinidadian

coolie x dougla  shop lyte label 


5'7" and i love it


Brands I Have Worked With

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And more + more to come...

Partnerships & Collaborations 

Hello There Darling,

If you are looking to work with me please email me at, 

I am super excited for what you have put out into the world!

Your brand and products will help change someone’s life!

Oh How I Love Letters & Gifts

Angel Lyte

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I love reading your beautiful letters & cards!

Every gift means so much to me!

I am truly grateful for you all! Love you so much!